Meet Our Team


Hello, my name is Vicki and I am the owner of Trousseaux Bridal Studio. My wonderful studio staff and I are here to ensure you find your dream wedding gown and have the best possible experience in doing so. Trousseaux opened its doors in April 2008 and were originally based in Old Town.  You may remember us when we were opposite the Goddard Arms in High Street. We have recently moved back to Old Town are are now based at 55B Devizes Road Swindon, SN1 4BG to a beautiful new studio.



Vicki (Bridal Stylist / Co-Owner)

Vicki is the life and soul of Trousseaux, and is best described as a 'fairy godmother'. Vicki's sole purpose is to make sure her brides are happy and will settle for nothing less! She has a serious skill for knowing her bride's dream dress before the bride even knows it If Vicki pulls out a dress you're not too keen on, trust us when we say TRY IT ON! 9/10 times it's the one! Vicki is a real-life #girlboss and hustles it from the early hours to the late nights to make sure everything is perfect for her Trousseaux brides. 

Kendra (Bridal Stylist / Co-Owner)

Kendra is a bridal stylist who will be your own personal cheerleader for the day! She's known for being warm, welcoming, friendly, and excitable, and will always make sure you leave the shop feeling beautiful and positive about yourself and the next steps in your journey. She has an eye for choosing what dresses will accentuate your figure the best, while also making sure you love the style! She will stop at nothing to make sure you find not only your dream dress but also have your dream shopping experience.  

Natalie (Bridal Stylist)

Natalie is our gorgeous fashionista who is the best at making sure your vision comes to life! She's a Chatty Cathy who instantly makes you deet at ease, and is always laughing with her brides. Nat's strongest skill is being able to pick out your perfect dress, which not only suits your body shape but your venue, theme, and your personality. She's a pro at knowing what her brides want and like, and turning that dream into a reality. 

Katie (Bridal Stylist)

Katie is our well-loved bridal stylist, who keeps everyone in check. She's completely organized and ensures the shop is in order and is the reason it runs smoothly every Saturday when the 'chaos' hits! She brings a fresh perspective on things and has an amazing sense of style which keeps us feeling young and fashion-forward by making sure we're ahead of the latest trends. She's always around to help guide you and make sure you have the best experience.