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Posted by Trousseaux in News 18 Nov 2015

The trousseau: the must-haves for new brides

In the nineteenth century it was expected that a new bride would bring enough clothes to her marriage to last at least the first year. For brides from wealthy families, this meant commissioning items from the top design houses, but for many others it meant sewing garments by hand, often over many years.


In 1867 a ladies magazine recommended these item as a basic trousseau:

  • 12 chemises – knee-length cotton or linen underdress
  • 12 pairs of drawers – loose-fitting knee-length knickers
  • 12 petticoats including one quilted for winter
  • 12 nightdresses
  • 6 camisoles – to cover the corset. These would usually be trimmed in lace
  • 2 corsets
  • 2 cage crinolines – Take a look at the image to your right; thank goodness we can now wear hoops!
  • 6/7 pairs of stockings
  • 6-10 pairs of gloves
  • Day and evening shoes
  • Two each of day and evening dresses
  • At least three hats


Dresses in delicate fabrics such as silk were not easy to clean so layers of cotton or linen underwear were worn underneath. They were easier to wash and helped to create the fashionable shape but, as you can see from the list, you needed a lot of them.


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